Criminal Defense Attorney Serving Kingsville and the Surrounding Areas

Phillip W. Goff has been practicing criminal law in Texas for over 20 years, working closely with clients to achieve the best results possible under their circumstances. He prides himself on over-performing and earning the respect and appreciation of his clients. Guilty or not guilty, you deserve respect and quality representation.

This firm is dedicated to the vigorous defense of clients’ rights. The government is trying to take away your liberty. It’s time to get professional help.

Waste no time. Realize a criminal case is likely one of the most important events in your life, and it should be handled as such. Repercussions from a criminal case could harm you for years, even the remainder of your life.

Choose your attorney wisely and do it as soon as you can.

Our Mission

The Law Office of Phillip W. Goff pursues excellence in all aspects. Excellence is achieved through “laid back intensity”, which embraces uncompromising standards with enthusiasm. We passionately defend clients’ rights while recognizing the uniqueness of every client, seeking the best result for each. We offer approachable, straightforward, and trustworthy communication. We welcome technological and scientific innovation. We are forward thinking and embrace constant personal growth.

Our Vision

Improve the common good by making waves to promote individual liberty against government interference.